Last night Quinn and I went to Green Dragon Market and Auction House. We have lived in Ephrata now for about six months (soon to be moving out) and many know that Green Dragon is a staple to the area, it’s a great place to by locally grown veggies, breads, and household and clothing items. We have never had a problem, we always had our favorite stands. Since I have lived here in the Lancaster area I have gone to Green Dragon I would say about a dozen times. Yet never once had we entered into the auction house. Quinn and I would attend with other relatives and they always steered clear of the auction area. No reason to go there if you weren’t buying or selling. Last night was a particular night in which I wanted to see… I wanted to see what happened in that auction house, what horrors lurked inside. Quinn was along, and he was hesitant but stuck by my side.

Walking up to the building I watched people loading their trucks with animals they had purchased, I saw one pick-up truck with two boxes in the back. Out of a small hole in one of the boxes I was able to make out a roosters’ head… he was poking his head out, and obviously in distress. What we first saw when we entered the area where they were holding the animals was two tiny pens, about the size of a bathroom stall, one pen was filled with three baby calves, they looked like beef cattle, each only about a day or so old. They were crying out and seemed terrified by all of the noise. I tried to hand the one closest to me my fingers to nurse, a gesture that is meant to calm them, the calve sniffed my finger than turn abruptly away from my hand.

Quinn and I kept having to back in and out of the enclosure because it seemed to be the loading area as well as where the pens were. I apologize if this is difficult to visualize. We backed out of the way to let a man through, he was carrying three full sized white turkeys in a cage probably as large as a 20 gallon fish tank. He was swinging the cage around and around, all the while the ladies were chirping and squealing. He then placed them in the enclosure opposite of the calves with piglets.

I walked over to that side or the pens where the man had just placed the turkeys and found another holding enclosure, the same size, as the calves’ stall filled with about ten goats, seemingly all different ages. A larger goat, possibly a mother to the younger ones was facing the back wall, her head down against the wall.

I must say… I have only been in one other auction house my life. I cannot say that this is standard practice, even though I assume that it is. All of these boxes in this room, thrown on top of one another, each box contains an assortment of small animals.

The photos are not great, but I was trying to look as if I was on my phone and not taking photos. I know I could get into trouble if I was to get caught documenting blatant animal cruelty. Box on top of box, they are just thrown on top of each other. Like trash. The last photo I took was of an older man, holding a tiny rabbit by it’s neck, I am assuming checking the sex of the young creature. I know from owning my own rabbit, and knowing about rabbit care, doing a gesture like that could cause a serious back injury and possibly death. That is when we finally had enough, and decided to leave.

I cannot stress the sadness I feel for these creatures. But it is all considered “humane practice”. What about this looks humane to anyone?